Oct 01st, 2011
Evening Skies on May
Torontos Weather changes every day and its different from hour to hour,Here are few photographs to explain my findings.
No body gets a call or gets informed by such a beauty, It waits for none. It shows up when it needs and disappears without a trace and she showers its beauty along.

Soul of a day is always seen by the beauty at the end, and this is one such day.

Canadian National tower is use to beam all the Television Signals and other important communication signals to air and this tower is specifically built for this purpose,So far this is the second Largest free standing structure in the world.

Due to the Global Warming our planets weather is been changed a lot in the recent years and its reflecting in the recent years.

Parks and recreations are part of Toronto and this image is a huge celing tower build in the beaches area where people hang out in the summer times, But in winter this are is a Icy desert with lots of snow all around.

Blue skies aren't the merrier ones,Dark clouds brings rain to our planet which nourishes every living being.

Owning a Beach property is a lots of fun and this is one such places in Ontario where you find Million Dollar homes.

A thousand rays comes our way to make our planet Shine and this is one of those few.

How might is the surroundings but yet we disturb the flow of such Planet we silly humans.

Sometimes we wonder where things come from and where it ends,This is exactly how I felt when I was at this moment during this shoot.

Beauty of our planet is at its best every day its just that we fail to see it in every moment.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this is not exception.

Nature of the planet depends on the changes it goes through and this is one such change which brings storm and rain and shower us with its blessings

5 Comments about this post...
SUPERB!!! Love the theme and the descriptions for each.
Posted by Jagan on 2011-06-01 12:45:56

Love them all. Especially the way you use Light and Color. ANother set of excellent work, Yesh. Re:the Number 10. Were you scared that the sky was falling down on us? :)
Posted by Ina on 2011-06-02 07:47:07

Yesh this is jus awsm lik al othr works of yu...
im Spellbound...!!
Posted by Yashu on 2011-07-19 13:25:31

Oh my God.....awesome #6 and 10 amazing how you get the inspiration of title description for all those beautiful pictures.Yu're not just a photographer you're also an Artist.Thanks Yesh...papa Joe
Posted by Two 1 Joe on 2012-01-25 00:34:12

Thank you Jagan,Ina,Yashu and Joe
Posted by yeshwanth on 2012-10-08 18:55:42

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