Jun 08th, 2011
Madras and now called Chennai
This city is my home town, I was born and brought up and I lived here for 23 years before I moved to Toronto in 2006
Marina Beach (Tamil: மெரினா கடற்கரை) is a beach in the city of Chennai (Madras), India, along the Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian Ocean. The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north to Besant Nagar in the south, a distance of 12 km (7.5 mi),[1] making it the longest urban beach in the country[2] and the world's second longest. The Marina is primarily sandy, unlike the short, rocky formations that make up the Juhu Beach in Mumbai. The width of the beach at the widest stretch is 437 m (1,434 ft). Bathing and swimming at the Marina Beach can be dangerous as the undercurrent is very turbulent and are legally prohibited. It is the most crowded beach in the country and attracts about 30,000 visitors a day du

Fisherman His day starts with fishing out, the necessary things,one needs to go out into the deep blue sea,to capture fish,Little did they know,some people on the other side,were waiting to fish them,to end these people’s life, Even though he had his head,inside the borders, Now it is out of the borders and out of his neck, sad for the nation.... By Senthil

These are fishing boats own by different companies and the workers are fisherman who work for very low wages for these regional companies.

Some of the experts in fishing Industry are uneducated, These guys complain about the declining rate of fishes.

Marina serves a lot of people as a temporary relaxation and a home.But the people here are the ones who came and take a dump early in the morning and pollute the beach.

Fisher man landing with their Boats to get off their loads. No matter what the weather is,They have to head for fishing if not their family will starve.

Some people will end up with a lot of fish and some dont and it all depends on their luck and the time of the month, Because they strongly believe in the moon playing a huge role in the fishing ecosystem.

Fisherman's best friend is his boat in Tamil its called Kattumaram

After the catch overnight, Fisherman return with their net and boat the owner of the net is a different person he has to come and help the fisher man to get the Fish out and move them,He gets paid by collecting the rental for the nets.

Life stories of the fisherman depends on two things Fish and boat. This gentleman is one such who believes in such.

Its a lovely scene to watch these fish catchers drag these little wooden boats to shore... such amazing view.

Dragging the boat is a skill, I always think the safety precautions these guys undergo in a worse situation, But there is none.

Waiting for the perfect time to drag the boat to the side when the wave hits it.

Lonely boat is always a sign of Poetry and this is one such time for me, An amazing morning with sun saying hello to you. Can life get any better for me actually I dont doubt it can, Today is one such day which I will treasure for ever.

These fisherman use the power of the Waves which allows them to drag their boats to the shore.

Parting the Fish from the Net is a elite skill and I had the pleasure to watch such craftsmen in action. You would be amazed by the variety they had which was unbelievable.

Variety of fishes are found in the Porur Fish Market,Where you get to choose from atleast 50 varietys from different vendors. These fish come from the neary by chore Marina Beach they are fresh and fished the same morning.

Fish Markets are basically Single road and shops on either side They have been Isolated in the market to avoid Vegetarians path.

Life goes on and living a life is defined by every individuality and This is one such person who lives his life in a very busy market.

Fisher mans have lived here for generations, But they hardly make any money, But since they grew up doing this for all these years which makes their knowledge very limited and doesn't allow them to find work else where, Which is a very sad thing.

Marina Beach, this is how we call this seashore which is the second largest beach in the world second longest Beach.

Palm Trees are here for a few decades they don't need much water or resource and these are one of the species of plant which can survive the Chennai summers.

Trains has been a huge part of Chennai Transportation but this is very subjective to certain areas of the city.

This is very famous Chennai Villivakkam Railway Junction, Trains which go to the neighboring cities like Bangalore pass by this way.

This Place is called Retteri, In the Tamil (Local Language) it means two Ponds. I think its because the two ponds united.

There is a lovely playground here where Children and Adults play Cricket, Which is invented by England but considered by Indians as the National Sport.

Early morning the busy city is on one end and wonderful ecosystem is flourishing on this other side, You can witness some birds landing here to have their early food which they share with humans who pollute this place.

On the background you see the very famous suburb of Chennai Villivakkam, I use to live there when i was doing my Kindergarten and Grade one,Such old memories from this place. Which I partially remember

Indian Central Government Constructed a new Railway route which was constructed a few years back and Failed badly in this location on the right side of the above image you can see the Train lines going to Padi Station.

This place is also located in the Lucas TVS Junction of Chennai, This is famous for one more reason which is fishing for worms for Aquarium fishes, There are several areas around this place where Pet fishes for Aquariums around the country are Breed,So for them fish farmers come here early in mornings to get fish food here.

This place is located on the East side of the Red hills highway right next to the Big Lucas TVS company, This marsh is exploited by public and Mixed with Drainage and looks very filthy, But this is the closest you can get a to a nature ecosystem if you live in the town.

These are the gypsies of India, These kids are accompanied by an adult and go to all the tourist destinations and Beg for money, Such childishness in these kids they just want to be photographed, They knew I am said no for money but still stood because everybody likes to be shot and want to take their photos. It was pure fun for me.

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